Old UFO memory

I have looked a long time for a forum where declaring my one UFO sighting wouldn’t be dismissing as a hoax, or at least be looked into.

So, I was near my seventh birthday, reading ‘The UFO Files‘, a book of interviews on abductees and old UFO sightings at school, (Curiosity can sometimes make you sneak books to school)
And my friend runs over, pointing to the sky. “Dude look! Oh my goooooddd!” “Duuuude! You NEED to see this!” (The dialogue was something like that, not exact.) I look up, to see this almost transparent disc (In daylight, which was amazing!) just flying around, making these awkward jagged zizags, disappearing and reappearing. I had a wild and uncontrollable imaginatikon those days, so I thought the aliens were having problems with their cloaking device (I sad seen star wars a thousand times, never getting tired of it lol). I hoped they would land here so we could meet them, and we started jumping and stuff, signaling it. At last, something must’ve been fixed in the craft, because it instantly disappeared, and I never saw it ever agai, not even now, 7 years later.

We moved to Chile, which was great for me, seeing that Elqui Valley is a hotspot for UFOs. I am still looking for them. In my freetime.

Does anyone know what I saw? This happened in 2006-7, so It’s most probably not military technology.

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