UFO Sighting in Panama City Beach, Florida on November 14th 2014 – Sandpiper Beacon- (west web cam). Observed numerous unusual lights other than normal stars.

I was at home on 11-14-14 in Birmingham, Alabama viewing the Sandpiper Beacon west web cam located on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida at 7:50pm cst. Viewing west toward Gulf Breeze from the beach out over the gulf. I noticed numerous white lights (black/white screen) that would appear and fade out, brightening and sometimes pulsating other than the normal two stars that was not visible at the time but where visible later. Most of the lights where high above the horizon but one was on the horizon and most over the gulf and one or two near land. Some became very bright and did not seem to move and would fade out after about 15 seconds. I had seen lights before on other occasions that seem to move that I assumed where helicopters, airplanes or ships. I did not get that impression this time. These 6 to 10 lights where more numerous than my normal observations and would appear and disappear at different locations with several visible at the same time. I observed these lights for about 15 minutes. The shape of the lights appeared to just be balls of light with the cam resolution. I stopped watching after the activity decreased. I would just like to know if there where any other unusual reports of lights by anyone actually near that location and around that time?

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