UFO Sighting in Scipio, Utah on June 30th 1992 – We saw a UFO directly above out car on I-15 near Scipio Utah around 100 am.

A friend and I were going to Las Vegas. We left Salt Lake City around 11:00 pm. When we got just outside of Scipio Utah my friend said “Holy *+=&^- there is a UFO”. I leaned forward and looked up and there was a round object maybe 100 feet above the road pacing us. It had orange paneled lights emitting from the bottom it was perfectly round as viewed from underneath it.

I had never heard anything negative about UFO’s at the time so I immediately hit the breaks and started to pull over (for me it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened). My friend however was so scared and terrified that i was worried about her health. I have never in my life witnessed so much fear in a person and so I did not pull over but rather just kept on going. I did not see it but she said we lost sight of it in some trees near the road.

Just after we lost sight of the UFO I felt a strange and uncomfortable energy enter into the car. I practice a form of energy healing for a living and so I forcefully surrounded the car in light which made the energy undetectable. Just as I did this my friend said “*&^* (and then my name). I thought she could feel the energy from the UFO and also the energy that I used to surround the car but later I found out that she felt neither of these things but was only just commenting on the fact that we had seen a UFO.

When there was time I asked my friend why she was so scared and she told me that she has memory of being abducted when she was a child and that she has had dreams ever since around the subject of having to at some point go back with them and she thought they were there to take her.

Over the next few months (maybe nine) I had some pretty intense encounters with what I believe are attempted abductions. I would be willing to share these with a researcher.

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