UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on November 11th 2014 – compressed triangle of 3 orange lights

While driving west in the 43 hundred block of West Irvington Rd southwest of Tucson, I observed a chevron display of orange lights in the western sky. The object was stationary, straight ahead more than 1000′ in altitude and more than a mile away.
I knew that it was not an airplane because of the light configuration. This object was in between the approach paths of DMAFB and Tucson International Airport. There were no red and green blinking lights.
I observed the object for about 10 seconds till it blinked off, out of sight. In a few seconds it reappeared, only this time it was farther to the south by more than a mile. Five seconds later it blinked off again and disappeared.
This side of town is heavy with air traffic, especially at that time of the evening but, the object was of no airplane configuration I have ever seen.

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