Black Triangle Sighting in Santa Rosa, California on November 15th 2014 – Red glowing craft ascended for appx 7 min from NE while heading SW, up through the cloud cover until gone. Craft rotated slightly revealing triangular wings protruding from it. 2 maybe 4-don't know for sure.

At appx 10:00pm on Nov 15, 2014, I was walking my dog around the block from my residence. I was on Franquette St heading South and then turned on to a path that connects me to Martha Way along the Field behind my home, East. I turned onto the path, passed a large redwood tree growing on the front of the property along Franquette St. and then a red light or glow in the sky caught my eye and I saw the UFO or Craft ascending into the sky from about a 73 degree angle in the NE sky while heading SW towards me. It ascended up over my head and passed into the SW sky. I turned completely around and watched while it ascended into the cloud cover above, until it disappeared. At first it appeared about the size of a penny and just before it disappeared I’d say it was the size of an aspirin. When I first laid eyes on it, I thought it was maybe a child’s toy drone or maybe an adults drone(!?) but I’ve never seen one like this! or some kind of floating lantern or some kind of illuminated, triangular rocket-shaped balloon; but then it rotated a bit and I could see the wings on it. Kind of like the wings on a rocket shaped craft; but the body of this thing was more triangular shaped with the wider part of the body almost more rectangular when you can’t see the wings. When It rotated I could see the wings coming to a point at the nose and getting wider toward the base or back end. Once I realized it was ascending and moving towards me, I realized it was moving rather quickly both up and NE. I estimated I watched it about 7 minutes, maybe 5 at the least till it was out of sight. Don’t know how to estimate mph for something like this. I still have an old cell phone, so didn’t even try to take a picture cause it just wouldn’t have turned out anything. Darn! Gotta get a new phone!! Sorry about that. I did think about it at the time and would have if the camera had been any good. I remember looking around hoping to see someone else maybe out walking their dog too! so I could show them and ask what they thought it was. Cars were going by on the street, no one seemed to notice. There were no dog walkers. I was literally standing right across from the local High School, where a game had ended about 30 min prior. There were people working out there cleaning up with all the bright lights on. but no one was looking up! Everyone else had gone home. I just couldn’t believe it. Was I the only one to see this??? Surely there is someone else out there who saw this thing and maybe even got a picture too!! I hope. Because this craft was glowing red, I couldn’t help think it was a child’s toy. You know, Red! Red, Toy red, Festive Red, Happy Red, Party Red. But red also means other things to other people. Warning Red, Stop Red, Danger Red, Toxic Red. I wonder what this Red meant?? There were no lights on this thing. It just glowed red and I think I could see what looked like seams in the body of it. You know, darker lines where pieces were connected together perhaps. I could not see any windows. There might have been some, I just could not see them from where I was. It was obviously powered by something, but I couldn’t hear it making any sound from my vantage point.

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