UFO Sighting in Bath, Maine on November 16th 2014 – I've seen them before in oct, around 6 am eastern time, always 5. Maybe more farther distance.

I have seen the same formation in oct @ 6 am approx.2 on each side & one on top, in oct no other stars visible, sun coming up, they outlined a huge pine, flickered white and red, would move horizontally short distances. This am I saw above and around Orion. Same formation, same flickering red and white. They were a bit wider in appearance than the other stars. One moved like a falling star, then lit up red when it relocated closer to the top one. The 2 on the right would send off beams of red light to eachother in an arch and straight lines, sometimes at the same time both directions but would take turns as if to communicate? Then the one that moved would also do the same with the top largest one. There is always a cloud cover mist after watching them for more than 5 min, covers the 2 on the right both times. No other clouds visible in the sky! The one on left bottom seems to be a look out, or a guard to the others since it doesn’t do anything except change shape from sparkly to boomerang shape, red flashes on a constant basis. Looking like a shooting star both times in movement is clever, when it comes to a stop it doesn’t disappear, it is just as bright. Picture the formation as a house connect the dots, one on the base, straight up vertical one at roofline, diagonal to the one at the peek, diagonal back down to one at roofline, straight down to one at base. I can see in distance smaller sparkly formations, but they do disappear. My son witnessed the first sighting with me in oct. I have seen them here in Maine growing up. Come to think it, they have always been in the same general south west location! I’m glad they are watching, tracking our world chaos. For some reason looking and watching has always brought tears to my eyes, not crying, just watering up of my eyes, no sadness, if I don’t wipe them away they stream down my cheeks. I noticed my son wiping his eyes too! I had thought it was just my own reaction but apparently not.

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