UFO Sighting in Jefferson, Georgia on November 8th 2014 – Hovering light, occasionally moved in an erratic manner, disappearing then reappearing in same place

While driving home I saw a bright light hovering on the opposite side of the main road across from
Me my subdivision. As I turned into my subdivision I lost sight of it due to my direction of travel. I then saw it again as I made another turn and it appeared to be much closer. When I turned on the street be for my street I could see a very bright light, I would estimate less than 100 feet above ground,in the direction of my house. As I turned on my street, I realized that it was next to my house. I backed into my driveway and was afraid to get out of my car because it was so close. I am not a fearful person but was told terrified by this incident. I started to video but then became afraid to have my phone up in the window to video. I sat my phone in my lap and laid the seat back in my car so that I was laying down I watched the light for over an hour and it would disappear then reappear in the same place. Most of the time it was hovering but occasionally made sudden, short but very rapid movements sometimes horizontally and vertically. There was absolutely no noise coming from the object. I was so afraid that I didn’t get out of the car until it ascended high enough that I felt comfortable that I could get to my door but I could still see the object. While the object was in close range I was nearly paralyzed with fear, as I have never seen anything like it in my life. I am familiar with all types of aircraft and I do not know of anything that can hover at this altitude and make no noise. I was able to get 13 minutes of video that I was unaware I was taping I have provided this video to the state director of mufon.

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