How can aliens travel through space and time?

Take what I write as a theory, which here are not able to prove, but I have the desire to share for those who want to try to reason.
Of course, I use a translator and I do not know if it will be clear to everyone, but we try.

He heard everything about how the aliens traveling through space.
I think it should be a premise based on the comments and testimonials. That is a very good starting point and the most correct.

Today’s physics models that can try to explain the problem are different, basically there are some that top 3.

The theory of the bending of spacetime by Albert Einstein

The quantum physics.

The holographic universe theory.

All theories are supported in some way by mathematical formulas resolved and consistent.
The math is not an opinion, it is therefore considered reliable evidence.

The only model to explain how UFOs work is the hologram of the universe, “holographic virtual”
Where the universe is like a fractal plate that expands into a third dimension.

But let’s make a comparison:

The bending of space-time does not allow us to definitely travel
a spacecraft at a speed greater than the speed of light.
For us to do that we must first free ourselves from the fundamental paradigm of spacetime.
For Einstein there is no space and time does not exist, there is one other thing that spacetime that contains them both.

To break down this limit we have to travel in the first time and then in space.
But since the speed, space divided by the time it turns from mathematical formulas that this is not possible.

So Einstein put it aside, do not use the speed.

Plunk, and other quantum physics.
These models apply well to the microcosm and explain very well what seems to happen at the subatomic level, but for larger scales, such as the model of the universe has huge problems.

Where the theories of Einstein and the quantum collide?

In the mass, the gravitational quantum theory does not hold.

And here is the problem of the Higgs boson that is, has finally found something, but the probability index is still not as high
to be called a discovery.

But the system of Geneva is closed for maintenance until 2015, so for now we are stuck.
The problami are there, but in reality we are still far from resolution.

Every time that quantum physics deals with a problem that it can not recover to the middle is the mass parameter in some way.

It makes you wonder, is that the mass does not exist? but is actually a perception?

Here we look at the third model that Holographic, physics bohm.

He says the holographic model. We are not mass, we are a hologram, the mass appears as the effect of other parameters, but essentially exist only light, composed of photons and anti-photons.

How would the myth, the white light and black light. The dual.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that according to this physical, There is no time and no space exists, it all happens in a single instant comparable to the time
Plunk high of 10 -44 seconds and in one space of about 10 to -35 meters.

So if this is true throughout the universe is here, where we are, packed into a single point.

I try to take one example,
Imagine a radio,
all stations transmit at the same time but I only listen to the frequency with which they are engaged so that I only see and hear only that .. But the other stations are there, even if I do not listen to them.

So prejudice in this instance, I take the knob and change the frequency, and arrival at a different place.

With this system I can move in space and time, in isolation, remembering, however, that is not going anywhere because the whole universe is in one place.
We take into account that many physics experiments now seem to be moving in this direction.

Then there are the theories being tested and accepted to explain how the aliens come here, only that they are less well known.

And, of course, the technology to make use of this fact is still impossible for us to use.

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