UFO Sighting in Campbellton, New Brunswick on November 15th 2014 – I am in shock .. I'm still trying to think of what this could have been

I was sitting at my mother’s place when all of a sudden our dog starts going crazy barking outside ,a very aggressive bark , which is very unlike her being she’s such a gentle quiet dog (6years old ) . Her barking like this made my mom jump up to go outside fast when she witnessed this un identified object , me and my sister went outside immediately when my mom screamed for us to come outside in shock .. I walked outside and seen something like I have never seen before , it was so close to the ground you could hear the loud humming noise and blinding lights that were pulsating different colors . It flew over us too quick for me to get my phone and take a picture but long enough for us too all stare in shock and watch it hover over us for a quick moment and then fly away as if it had titled to the side and shot up into the sky .. The object was square shaped but it was so dark it was hard to tell .. The top of it was black and it had four sets of lights horizontally on it : I am still in such shock, I have never ever seen anything like this before

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