UFO Sighting in Christchurch, Canterbury on January 20th 2011 – Black oval object appears in photo, Christchurch New Zealand between the two earthquakes that made world headlines.

I saw nothing – I was in a car trying to photograph a van – major earthquake had devastated Christchurch, New Zealand september 4 2010. I was visiting – I think this photo was taken soon after I arrived in Christchurch (arrival on 17th, 2011). My mother was driving me around. I only noticed the black oval artefact after I examined the photo. I did not notice any object at the time -and I was not looking at the sky -but the windscreen was clean; I took photo through the front windscreen.

Object appears to be oval, dark and flying on an oblique angle -it appears to be beyond the traffic lights on the right of the photo. I tried to magnify the image but maybe you will have more luck. there seems to be an electric blue light around it -but that might be nothing..

I would be interested to hear your evaluation. I did take two photos in succession – the object was only in one of them, the close up shot which I have included. It did not appear to be in the other one – (which I did not keep).

I heard ufos are often doing work to stabilise fault lines? Christchurch experienced thousands of small earth tremors and quakes for about 2 years from the first big quake. the second big quake that saw 183 fatalities occurred about a month after this pic was taken.

I hope I am not wasting your time..

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