UFO Sighting in Hastings, Minnesota on November 5th 2014 – Brilliant flash of light from which a satellite type object appeared.

Saw something very interesting in the early morning sky about 3 weeks ago. It was dark out and the stars above were clear. It was approximately 06:10 hours. I was taking the dogs outside. I always admire the stars while my dogs do their business. Directly above my head a brilliant flash of light appeared. It reminded me of when the Star ship Voyager before it goes into warp on the popular tv show. The brilliant flash of light opens up and a bright ball of light pops out from inside of it. The flash of light closes, but the brilliant ball of light remains and starts traveling forward.

The ball of light begins to slowly fade in brightness. a few moments later, the ball of light faded to the point that it looked like a normal satellite floating across the night sky. Next I noticed another satellite type object trailing the first object. The second object was a mile or so off to the right of the first one, and about a mile behind it. I lost sight of both objects as they disappeared over the tree line.

For the last three weeks I’ve been outside looking up at about the same time I spotted the flash of light and where it came out of. No satellites have been in that portion of the sky, traveling in the same direction since…
I’ve seen a lot of satellites in the night sky. I never saw a satellite reflect off the sun for more than a brief instant. This satellite stayed bright for several moments after it came out of the vortex of light.

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