UFO Sighting in Malibu, California on November 17th 2014 – Probable UFO sighted

1. I was sitting on the back porch facing North around 9pm pacific time listening to music and chatting with a friend.
2. My friend pointed up into the sky straight ahead of us (north direction) and said “Look!!”
3. I was unsure what the object was, as I have never seen anything too out of the ordinary before and it definitely did not resemble an airplane!
4. The object was too big to be a normal plane. Because it was dark, all I could see was a huge bright yellowish/gold colored light in the sky.. It was not blinking how planes do nor was it a star because there were many stars out tonight but none move.. This object was shaped odd and came from above east/northeast direction as it moved quickly downward/west direction.. It stopped and hovered in one area in particular for about 10-20 seconds before moving right and back up.. (I took some photos while it remained hovered) And then immediately left and back downwards to the position it was originally observed hovering over and continued to hover there for another 20 seconds (I took more photos..all of this happened within a matter of seconds).. Then it took off and started heading in the east direction and eventually south moving higher and higher up into the sky (it was similar to watching a plane take off into the sky).. Then I lost track of the object as I went back inside..
5. My feelings during this were excited yet confused. I wanted answers as to what I had just witnessed.. My reaction was quite inquisitive and intrigued.. Thus I took some photographs.. After the sighting I took a few moments to process what I had just saw and thought to myself “have I lost my mind or was that really what I think I may have seen.. A UFO!!??”
6. I lost sight of the object because I walked back inside to get a drink

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