UFO Sighting in Queen Creek, Arizona on March 12th 2014 – Abduction from bed Queen Creek Arizona

A friend of mine came to me shaking with fear claiming that the previous night she had been abducted by aliens. Previous to this night she had told me multiple times that she sees the same UFOs hovering above the horizon near her home. One night when I had went to her house we were sitting outside and I also witnessed the UFO hover above the horizon. The UFO has been commonly reported multiple times through out the Phoenix area and can be described as orange balls of light that dance above the horizon, very low in the sky. Coming back to her story of abduction, she told me that she came home late in the night and went to sleep, only to be awoken a few hours later to a strange sensation come over her body. She was paralyzed and her room had went black. Not the normal darkness one would imagine, but a complete, solid darkness, as if her vision was taken away. Then, she felt herself spinning fast and blinking lights began to appear around her while she was spinning. She felt presences with her. Then, she felt a dropping feeling and she felt her bed and could move. The lights from her tv buttons reappeared and all other sensations were gone.

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