Alien/UFO Visitations- Where's the logic?

Hello All,

Will someone please tell me the logic behind the phenomenon without playing the same hollow reasoning that I see in many threads? There are supposedly at least 57 names of races that have been mentioned over the years. If one cannot produce a trustworthy scenario supporting why they think they know why so many different ones are suspected as being here then how is one to figure out how to deal with them. So, other than saying they don’t really exist except on the internet, could someone please have a mature sensible discussion that addresses the issue. There’s no doubt this will turn into another rhetorical thread but I see no way to avoid it.

In the past I’ve brought up the subject of different races, different shapes and sizes of vehicles, different methods in the treatment and experience of abductees, and numerous other variables. It may be time to put a point to it all and try to arrive at an adult answer as to not only the fact that folks think they are here but to wade through the layers of what folks think they know and pin point a reasonable explanation for not only the timing but the variety of beings and ships involved. I doubt it can be done but narrowing the field by thinking along the lines of cause and effect might help keep the thread focused and on topic.

Take your time, think it through. For myself? I don’t think they are here. Not only that but if any of them exist at all I don’t think they’ve ever been here. It doesn’t mean I’m right and my thinking this is perhaps only one side of the equation. If ten reasons come up as to why different people think they are here then I will be pushing hard to reduce those choices in an effort to arrive at a sound logical reason that MOST can agree on. I think it to be an important step forward for everyone. One thing is certain though: If they are here then there IS NO PRIME DIRECTIVE. What does that tell you?

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