UFO Sighting in Arkadelphia, Arkansas on November 18th 2014 – Can be viewed nightly in the NW sky; moves slowly from view each night

Myself and other family members have noticed an object in the NW sky from our home which can be seen on most clear nights. You can see the flashing red/green/white lights easily with the naked eye. When using binoculars, lights are very prominent and not mistakable for a star. It can be seen after dark until it slowly moves away to the NW out of sight. Some nights it is closer than others. According to other UFO websites, people from all over the US are seeing what we are watching in the night sky. Pictures others have posted look identical to what we are seeing here in Arkadelphia. Can anyone offer up any explanation as to what my family and I are seeing??? It’s very unsettling, to say the least.

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