UFO Sighting in Jackson, Mississippi on October 15th 1978 – There were 3 UFO's with 3 different shapes moving down the street at approximately 5 to 10 mph low enough to hit with a rock

I had a paper route and delivered the Jackson Daily News, an evening paper, in Jackson, MS. I had approximately 150 houses on my route so my father would normally take me on my route. But it was volley ball season and my father taught math, history, and coached volleyball at a local high school, so during volley ball season he usually got home too late to take me on the route so my mother had to take me. She hated taking my the route b/c my father had just bought her a brand new Buick Limited and she didn’t want me throwing papers from her new car. I paid my older sister to fold and rubber band the papers for me and when my mother took me on the route my sister had to throw the left side and I threw the right side. Anyone with a paper route knows its really difficult to throw papers with a new driver b/c they don’t know which houses to slow down for. I was 13 and my sister was 14 at the time. My mother tried to wait for my father to come home to take me but it was pushing 6 pm and the customers complain if they get their papers after dark. We loaded up the Buick and started the route. About 1/2 mile from our home we turned onto Warner Ave from Utah St and that was the start of my route. My mother was driving way too fast and when my sister and I threw the paper it would sail into the yard of the house down from the intended house b/c we were going too fast. That meant I often had to tell my mother to stop the car and I would have to get out and put the paper in the correct yard. I stopped my mother for the second time b/c we missed more houses and grabbed 5 newspapers and exited the Buick to walk to the houses and put the papers in the yard. Right before I got out of the car my mothers radio went to static. I threw the five houses on foot and was walking back to the car when I noticed everyone on the street starting to come outside. They were asking each other who had power, apparently power for that entire street had went off. Then about 10 houses down from the yard I was walking through I noticed two elderly women pointing up in the sky at something. I looked briefly at what they were pointing at and I just dismissed what I say as a low Goodyear Blimp flying with the advertisement lights on the side. The Goodyear Blimp was a common site in Jackson during that time. I climbed through the window of the backseat to get into the car b/c if I opened the door all the papers would fall out of the car. But my mothers car had shut off and would not crank back up. I got back out of the car and told her to pop the hood so I could check the battery cable connection. Thats when I noticed every single car on the street that was running had stalled. there were now more neighbors outside pointing up at the objects and I looked again and it was not about 100 ft away from us heading toward us and only about 100 ft above the ground, and instead of it being one large blimp like I originally thought I could now see that there were 3 separate objects on behind the other about 50 ft apart in a single line moving very slowly down Warner Ave. The first one was shaped like a pentagon and was gun metal black and had blue lights around its perimeter with a pulsating red light in the middle. This object was so close I could not see the top of it, it shined a very bright intense white light on one of the houses and then walked the light down towards our car, like a police helicopter does…but it was totally silent. This thing was so close to me I could have it it with a tennis ball. The one behind it was also shaped like a trapezoid and I could see the second “story” or layer of this craft and there was a white section that looked like windows and I could see beings moving through this section. It had orange and green lights on its perimeter but I don’t remember if it had a pulsating red center light like the first one. The first one was so close to me I could see patterns in fixtures in its underbelly. The second one did not shine a light down like the first one did until it passed over our car and was a good 100 yrds away. The second object appeared to be jet black. The third object was shaped more like a diamond and it had blue and green and white lights and this object was actually “tumbling” slowly or rotating slowly on its horizontal axis. It was seemed to have a jet black surface as opposed to gun metal like the first one. Behind the third object was a small red ball of light moving along with the 3 objects. It took me a couple of minutes before I realized that these objects were not some kind of quiet airplane or some kind of new blimp with a new shape. These 3 objects were in no hurry whatsoever and almost seemed to be “parading” for us. They went about two thirds of the way down Warner Ave and then began a very slow ascent up and to the right in the direction of the full moon. Once the objects were approximately a mile or two away all the power came back on on the street and my mothers cars headlights came back on and she restarted the car. These objects were in view for 20 to 30 minutes and in no hurry whatsoever. I saw them, my mother saw them and my sister saw them and several residents on Warner Ave saw them. This event changed my life, and quite honestly not for the better. This event totally disrupted my then held belief system of who we are as beings. My sister is now 50 and is respected church member and a nurse in Clinton, MS and my mother is a retired school teacher and is now 78. I talked about it once more with my mother when I was a freshman in college and never since then. My sister and I never discussed it again. I’ve waited all these years to say anything because I just know no one would believe me. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind came out the following year and my brother, who was studying engineering at the Univ of Tenn took me to see it. He had already seen it but wanted me to see it b/c of what I saw the year before. The three objects in that movie during the police chase is almost EXACTLY what we saw, except in Speilbergs movie the craft were more round as opposed having an angular configuration like what we saw. This is one incident in my life but as I read Transformation and as I listened to Travis Walton I realized that this incident fits a larger narrative of some things that have occurred in my life. I have waited so long to come forward because I know no one will believe me. I’ve had trouble with alcohol and holding a job even though I have an engineering degree and all my life I’ve just been kinda unstable. So I know no one will believe me, I wouldn’t believe me. As a matter of fact I don’t believe 95% of Ufologists, abductees, and so called experts out there in this field. I’ve believe maybe 2 abductee stories I’ve heard. I have always felt completely alone with this. Im unstable so do I go public and possibly jeopardize my mothers and my sisters reputation? I am the black sheep of the family, the only one in my family to ever be arrested so why go public? This is why, I am telling the truth and I will take any lie detector test administered by anyone. I also wanted to go public before my mother passed and/or before she starts to lose her memory. I have nothing really to lose by telling my story here b/c I think there are more guys like me (like the drunk pilot in Independence Day no one believed) than there are guys with squeaky clean resume’s that talk about these events. And what I’ve divulged here is just part of a larger narrative. Those who have experienced what I have know exactly what I’m talking about, its as if we know something, some truth, about the universe that no one else really knows and will believe anytime soon. So what do you do with that? Well I am giving this information to Mufon and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lets just see what happens from here.

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