UFO Sighting in Rockville, Maryland on November 18th 2014 – Tr3B

11/18/14 I arrived at my residence at about 7:35 pm and was greeted by my cat “Sosa” as usual. I stood in my driveway while i finished up my cigarette. At 7:40 pm I noticed my cat acting unusual, he was posturing and staring up at the sky. I looked up to see at my astonishment a massive boomerang shaped craft moving slightly overhead at about a 65 to 75 degree line of sight, east of my position. The lights and or craft were moving at a north to south heading with no traditional nautical lighting. I work as a power engineer, have an interest in aeronautics and i could not identify what i was seeing. It was massive at about 6 to 8 hundred feet in width with 6 orange colored dome shaped lights underneath the object/craft. I walked beside the object/craft to the end of my street when suddenly the lights underneath the object became brighter as the object accelerated away at an astonishing rate of speed where i lost sight of the object/craft. I live 20 minutes from the nations capital so I’m assuming what i witnessed was owned and operated by the the united states government. MUFON can contact me for any additional information.

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