untold story about Roswell

This is my first post. I have been a writer of action novels for several years. I recently received a phone call from a man who said he worked for national security and asked about a book I wrote several years ago. His questions were based around where did I get my information. The book was written about the experiences of a friend, as he told it to me. The incident I wrote about took place in the New Mexico desert and involved some facts about the Roswell crash that has been know for some time by the Indians of New Mexico. My friend was an Indian, and the story had been handed down by his parents. My question is should I be alarmed by this call or just brush it off. The man was quite demanding about where I received my information and the name of my friend. I refused to tell him and he told me I could be in deep trouble with the government for leaking top secrets. I have read your forum and believe you have some informed readers.

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