Black Triangle Sighting in Fox Island, Washington on November 20th 2014 – Two objects hovering fifty feet over trees straight ahead E of T intersection while I was traveling East.

While returning home on Fox Island (To S.E. end of Island) Son and friend of son witness two hovering objects as, what was described as hovering just above tree tops. Two crafts were observed and assumed to be same size even though one craft in the background above and behind the closest craft appeared to be smaller due to positioning.

Craft took up entire windshield of Honda CRV since it was that close and that large and estimated to be just above 80 foot Douglas fir trees when observed.

Craft had the appearance to be triangle in shape but son said had wings and central bubble cockpit which was glowing assumed from internal lighting ? On each wing tip son said there were three bright white lights. When son looked at friend to discuss what was being seen, when looking back in a couple of seconds object was gone. Objects were not seen again.

Twenty min later wife arrived home and said she had seen same object further West and over marsh when traveling South towards Fox Island. Again object was seen above T intersection but this time much closer to surface, just above the marsh. wife continued down the hill some mile from her first observation and saw what she assumed to be the same craft out over the bay (water) between the mainland and Fox Island as she was crossing the bridge to Fox Island. Having heard from son there were two craft what my could have observed was the second craft. Weird !

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