Progress always have been done by proving the "experts" wrong.

Progress always have been done by proving the “experts” wrong.

The reality of anomalies have very deep implications, many of these implications have “social” connotations.

One of the more clear implications that this reality implies is the total failure of the current “knowledge system”, this knowledge system have been unable to deal with the reality of anomalies for more than 60 years, the “social mechanism” in place to acquire and deal with new phenomena have completely break down on the reality of anomalies, there are many manifestations of this break down: the continual denial of an evident reality by the scientific circles, these scientific circles are suppose to have the “brightness minds” on the planet, but they have failed completely on this, associated with this denial is the generalized social apathy to accept a really extraordinary phenomena.

The “social structures” that are suppose to handle this kind of new/extraordinary manifestations are basically muted on the things that many people witness almost in a daily basis, event in some public gatherings.

Many active observers that are fully aware of the reality of anomalies could be really proud, they are way ahead of the curve, they are even ahead of the totality of Academia that in this area have been paralyzed by its own dogmatisms and a total disregard to the claims of “common people”, these common people personalized in the many active observers worldwide have been the direct witnesses of something extraordinary that still is ignored by the scientific circles.

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