UFO Sighting in Brooklyn, New York on November 18th 2014 – My wife was taking photos with her I phone 6 from the roof top of the address listed she looked at the photo and noticed a bright yellow circle dot in the sky and noticed moving around she took more pictures and set up movie mode

This event took place on November 18 , 20014 at about 4:25 pm location
At a roof top of a two story building located in Brooklyn ny bushwick section
Address 428-432 troutman street it was a clear afternoon sunny day my
Wife was taking photos of manhattan skyline using her I phone 6 she took her
First photo looking at how it came out she noticed a very bright yellow circle
Above the sun at first she didn’t notice anything strange about it then she
Mentioned to her sister that was close bye showed the photo and made a
Comment how strange and odd about the bright light in the sky then my
Wife took more pictures then shot some videos , there is a dark object
Moving it is an airplane laguardia airport is nearby and also when you
Hear a loud buzzing sound in the video is not from the object in the
Sky but is from an electric wood saw there are construction going out
On this property when I got home from work in the evening my wife
Showed me the photos and video I was very convinced that is
Ufo of unknown origin

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