UFO Sighting in Dateland, Arizona on November 19th 2014 – Truck driver sees pulsating, fireballs hover and disappear

1. Driving a truck on Rt 8 toward Phoenix, Arizona. Coordinates 32.848865 and -113.268015
2. Very bright, hovering orbs in the middle of nowhere.
3. A tower.
4. Two large, round orbs of light. Approximate coordinates 32.846173 and -113.243883 Sometimes they pulsated, sometimes they disappeared.
5. I was surprised to see lights in the middle of the desert. I videotaped and photographed the event.
6. It disappeared after observing it for twenty minutes.
7. I googled the area I was in and found strange crop circle-like formations approximately 30 miles south of the orbs. The crop circle had a another pattern above it with the Roman numeral IV inscribed in it. There were two long roads leading away from the crop circle. One of which led to a square formation with the obvious picture of a white airplane parked in it. The very long road eventually leads to what appears to be a structure near Rt 8. I found all of this on google maps. Coordinates for crop circle 32.765941 and -113.090257
8. I’m nervous about even telling anyone this information. I don’t want my name in the news and I don’t want any trouble.
9. Let me know if you want the video and photographs.

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