Conclusions of famous UFO cases.

As a sceptic, it didn’t matter how many UFO stories I heard, and it didn’t matter who saw it, or how many. Everyone can make mistakes, lie, or have a mental disorder.
Could even just be some military thing. Who cares?

Then I saw a UFO for myself. Now I can see that if I saw a UFO, then its possible that some other claims may also be true.
Some UFO reports are from close friends and family members. Some are from other citizens.

Then there’s the high profile cases, with police officers, pilots, trained observers, FAA officials, military personnel and other reputable witnesses.
With many having multiple witnesses at one time.

Now that I can see them as at least being possible, rather than dismissing the sighting into the “who cares” pile.
So here’s what I’m thinking. What if we catalogued all the top cases, and linked them with conclusions to get an overall idea of what’s BS, alien, or just Venus doing its crazy thing.

This is a list of top UFO cases. (Feel free to add your own)

1) The 1966 Michigan UFO.…-ufo-case.html
2) Colares UFO flap…-incident.html
3) Pheonix Lights…-incident.html
4) Rendlesham forest incident…l#post10083504
5) Tehran UFO chase…nt-1976-a.html
6) Kirtland Air Force Base…er-1957-a.html
7) 1952 Washington DC Sightings
8) Shag Harbor ’67
9) Westall Australia 1966…australia.html
10) Carson Sink Incident
11) Lonnie Zamora Police report
12) Sao Paulo 1986…mage-rotator-1

a) Lie or hoax. (By witness or otherwise)
b) Brain malfunction. (Hallucination, mental disorder, chemical imbalance)
c) Terrestrial object. (Plane, drone, military tech)
d) Environmental event. (Meteor, swamp gas, reflection, ball lightning, Venus)
e) Alien owned object

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