Mystery Object in Space, a Rogue Black Hole? | VIDEO

Mystery Object in Space, a Rogue Black Hole?

By Calla Cofield

     An object previously thought to be a supernova may actually be a black hole ejected from its home galaxy.

Further observation should provide a definitive answer, but whatever the outcome, the object is unique: If it is a supernova, it’s a new breed that radiates for decades, while most supernovas burn out in less than a year. If it’s a black hole, it appears to be the product of two black holes that collided, and were simultaneously ejected from their merging parent galaxies.

“This could be a new type of supernova that we’ve just never seen before. But it would have to be one of the most extreme cases ever observed,” said astronomer Michael Koss, who is leading the research. On the other hand, Koss said it could provide all new information about traveling black holes. “Whatever we find, it’s exciting.” . . .

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