The use of the word Anomaly.

I want to take a poke here at the use of the word “anomaly”, in a lot of cases, people with academic or scientific background use that word to describe something that apparently contradicts our precious “Universal Physical Laws”.

If we just think a little about that we will see that the use of this word implies that what it is observed could not be really “real” because does not follow our pre-established physical laws or worldview, these people never/ever actually put in doubt our “Universal Physical Laws” or worldview. For these people “Universal Physical Laws” are “really” universal, in the sense that they must be true always, anywhere in the Universe.

But very simple analysis shows that that is completely wrong, by just remembering that these same people had predicted the existence in some regions of the Universe what they call “singularities”(black holes), regions of space where none of our current Universal Physical Laws holds.

But is not that a contradiction? yes it is because now the same people that claim the existence of Universal Physical Laws are saying that: no these laws are not Universal because there are regions in space where these laws do not hold.

But that is not the end of that, just by analyzing the use of the term “Universal Physical Laws” it will be not difficult to see its logical wrongness, even if singularities does not exist, and by the way nobody had ever seen one, so what we have is just a theoretical prediction(based in the same Universal Physical Laws??!!) of its existence and some very casual indirect observations that match that idea.

If singularities do not exist then still the use of the term “Universal Physical Laws” is wrong, because it assumes the all knowing about the validity of these laws in all Universe which is an assumption, and also because there is a deep logical mistake embedded in there and it is the identification of Reality with a Model of reality.

The physical laws, like the Mathematical theories and facts only really exist in a Platonic “idealized Universe”, where space is perfectly flat or a smooth four/multiple dimensional Topological Surface, but that is just a model of reality, that is not identical to reality, that is a deep logical mistake made mainly by physicists.

But the reality of these objects of variable topology, that these other people call anomalies, is out of question, they are as real as you and me, then by simple logic what is wrong is our current worldviews and physical laws.

These Variable Topology Objects are truly “alien” in the literal sense of that word, when you encounter something of that nature all our current concepts break down, it is a mistake to think about that as a “craft” with pilot(s), or think that we are going to find “humanoid” type ETs in this case, these objects are living entities by themselves, very, very advanced, many of the things that they do is like “magic” for us.

But that already was predicted by Arthur C Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

So the acceptance of this “new reality” implies the full and complete revision of our current worldviews, that is a necessary condition for the fullest understanding of this new paradigm.

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