UFO Sighting in Cleveland Heights, Ohio on November 22nd 2014 – Disk or cylindrical object hovering over downtown Cleveland OH

On Saturday November 22, 2014 at approximately 12:18 AM I, Jonathan Leasor was standing on my enclosed back porch of my apartment, looking out towards the West. At that time I noticed a series of tight-knit lights; 4-5 extremely bright flickering white lights and one stationary red light at one end of an object that I could only guesstimate was either disk shaped or cylindrical due to the orientation of the lights. I was unsure if I was viewing a plane heading towards the Cleveland airport as I had viewed on many occasions before, but this unidentified object hovered over the downtown Cleveland skyline for approximately three minutes. Shortly after three minutes the object smoothly and without effort appeared to go backwards and again remain stationary for nearly one minute. The object then went back to it’s position in which I initially noticed it. Shortly thereafter the object pivoted to a 10 o’clock position and then ascended into cloud cover at what appeared to be double the speed rate of an airplane, yet much slower than a military fighter jet.

I am willing to speak to a Mufon representative to show my exact location etc. I can also sketch what I viewed to the best of my ability.


Jonathan Leasor

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