UFO Sighting in Gananoque, Ontario on September 8th 2014 – me and 2 friends golfing seen a cigar shaped object

ok i look up all the time at the sky have a 10″ meade telescope look at the stars seen nothing but stars but im always lookin up day time night time looking ive seen planes night and day over the 401 highway from toronto to montreal seems jets fly that path back and forth seen them for 40 years do this what i saw was different in was to far south in the sky for planes ive seen for years go this way it was not cloudy but big slow white clouds moving west to east i looked up south to play my second shot oh ya i was golfing at greeb ancres golf coarse and i see 2 cigar objects going west im lookin south 1 goes into clouds ans i say to my golfin buddy look see that he says ya we see another cigar shape grey follow it then we see it turn like 180 back towards east on a dime it seems straight line east but it shinned once when sun hit it the sun was west maybe 3 quaters setting i thought if it was a plane u would keep shinning but it didnt and it was quick zoom into the clouds all 3 of us saw it we see planes all the time this was no plane hope this helps u guys any other sightings that day u know of /?

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