UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on November 21st 2014 – Orangish red objects

I noticed the objects when I was driving in a west direction at 2145. The objects were bright and there about 10 of them in an orange red color. There wasn’t a specific shape of these objects but they were at one point stationary and then right before they took off into “nowhere” they moved unusually fast leaving no trail. I saw them and immediately felt that it was something odd, something that I couldn’t explain. My husband a skeptic of everything looked at the sky and said “they are obviously planes headed to Oceana Naval Air Base” I could tell that they were not planes. I made it to my house, and was able to take a short video of one of the orbs. Then about 10 minutes after they showed up everyone of the objects disappeared as oddly as they showed up and never came back.

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