UFO Sighting in Butler, Pennsylvania on July 4th 2012 – two bright lights heading from south to west

my oldest daughter (klassic) and I just got done watching fireworks that came from ontop of a nearby hill to the south of us.about 5 min. from the fireworks ending ; we noticed 2 bright orbs heading north over tree line.
if I held my arms out at a 45 deg. angle and put my two fists together , that would be the distance between each object. I then called for my children(s) mother to come out and witness this.by the time she got outside “they” were moving west. they turned west with a constant equal distance between them. ONE large object or two smaller objects..mocking each other? they then disappeared out of sight.. to the west.. picture)s) were takin by klassics ipod.blurry but basic shape is noticeable??..

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