UFO Sighting in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory on November 23rd 2014 – Bright light, moved in many different direction, looked much like a star

It was around 10 when I heard an odd sound outside. I went outside to check what the noise was, as I went outside I noticed a star that appeared to be moving it made no noise. No blinking and didn’t move in a particular pattern. I also noticed it was extremely quiet in our street, the dogs never seem to stop barking but tonight I could only hear the sound of a sprinkler. As I continued to stare at the object it went extremely bright. I felt paralysed. It disappeared soon after. I felt a huge level of fear unlike anything I have experienced in my life. As I walked through the door to go back inside I walked extremely slow like my legs couldn’t pull themselves from the ground. I walked back inside still shaken from what I’d seen. I felt as if it was the end of the world. It was horrifying. Most people are happy about seeing such a phenomena but I wanted to hide and pray it would go away. I see it every night but never that close, never that bright. I thought perhaps it’s just a plane until I noticed how it moved and the light from tonight will be a traumatic experience I will never forget.
(The star comes out every night after 9 o’clock, never gone that bright before. Didn’t have a camera on me and even if I did the paralysis I felt would be much like UFO amnesia)

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