UFO Sighting in Carmel, Maine on November 22nd 2014 – Bright white meteor looking craft stops turns into orange ball of light over highway 95

At about 11:40 pm i was driving from Newport to Bangor on highway 95 some were near the town of Carmel, exit 174 when i saw a very very bright white light looked like a meteor kinda but lite up everything, the light was so intense it lit up every thing to the point it looked like day light for about 10 seconds or so then looked like it burned up and broke apart looked like white sparks then an orange ball of light grew from a single pin prick of light to about the size of a golf ball the orange light was kinda strange looking it was dull and fuzzy looking and had kind of a shimmer to it like static on a tv but instead of black and white dots it had dull orange and white static. also a whitish beam it hovered over the high way for about 15 mins then faded out from golf ball size to a pin point then disappeared completely no blinking lights at all. ask if you want more info! Ps. please don’t call my phone email if you need to contact me thanks!

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