UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on November 23rd 2014 – Bright lime green shooting star with no tail, i thought this was really strange.

I was walking home from work at about 230 a.m down a road called old spanish trail and i was looking up at the stars like i usually do when i saw a bright lime green shooting star, it had no tail & didnt shoot across the sky as far as ive seen other normal looking shooting stars go. The sighting only lasted about 3 seconds at most but i know it was bright lime green which immediatly struck me as weird because i have never seen a bright green shooting star and it didnt have a tail. The second i saw it i thought to myself “U.F.O”. Im not saying it looked like it was being controlled by intelligent beings or that it was a spaceship or flying saucer but i am saying ive seen alot of shooting stars and that did not look like any normal shooting star ive ever seen & id really like an explanation as to what it was that i saw.

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