UFO means 'Alien spaceship'.

Just going off what I see in mainstream media, I am beginning to think we have lost the acronym UFO, to implying an alien spaceship.
This is something I was always annoyed about, but perhaps its something we should just accept.

I will post my argument here, which will include examples I have seen on TV, in movies, print, radio and even video games of how people nowadays use the term ‘UFO’ to imply alien spaceship.
I will also try to show how languages evolve, and how words (such as ‘gay’) can, and will be used differently, despite the “official” dictionary definition. And how definitions can be changed based on public perception.

Here’s a fun video to get everyone started.

Examples of UFO in mainstream media.
1) [Radio call]
2) [TV programme]
3) [Video game]
(Will fill these out later, just wanted to post)

Examples of words evolving.
1) Gay – Happy (I’m feeling gay) – Homosexual (I like gay women) – Crap (That video is gay).

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