UFO Sighting in Clinton, Missouri on July 31st 1995 – riding in car with family then a bright like overwhelmed the inside then woke up not one car around

A late august night my family and I were headed back home to Clinton missouri, it was around 11pm at night and me and my two brothers were riding in the back of our family station wagon with my mother and my step father at the time riding in front headed down 50 hwy when all of a sudden it was like everything went dead silent and all the cars on the road disappeared and we couldn’t hear the car or anything it was like time stood still then a bright light shined down on our car my mom tried telling us to keep calm its a helicopter spot light to keep us calm, we all knew something wasn’t right and the light got brighter to the point were it seem like someone was shining flood lights in every single window and got brighter to were we were blind and then its like everyone blacked out and I remember me blinking a lot like I woke up and then a wave of cars started coming down the opposite side of the highway like someone pressed pause on reality, stopped time itself. Everyone was freaking out and I was so calm and at peace in my mind and I noticed it changed me a lot in my mental thinking. I use to have trouble learning and paying attention and had no interest into anything to complex for the average person I was normal but after that day I can stop soaking in information, if I stop I get head aches, my talent in drawing changed in less than a month, I don’t know if its natural or not ive just often thought about how different I felt in life like someone put a new me inside my old body, my school grades also improved exponentially to were I got to the point were I could miss weeks then show up for the test and get an A on it. Since that night I have witnessed 14 different sightings, averaging about 4 a year and clean and clear sightings but in a strange way when I see them I’m not full of fear or questions but instead I feel understanding and comfort like its something I’ve been around or have known all along and the feeling of safety. Please believe me I don’t care for fame or recognition but answers and to let people know my kinda of people intelligent people

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