UFO Sighting in Lake Stevens, Washington on November 22nd 2014 – Series of primarily red lights traveling north slowly at mostly same altitde.

At about 6PM 22 Nov 2014 while exiting a store at the corner of 20th st SE and South Lake Stevens road I and my wife noticed a series red lights in the western sky drifting from the south to the north. We think we counted 12 but it could have been more. They were at an angle of about 20 degrees above the horizon at maybe an altitude of 1000 to 2000 feet with a couple considerably lower. The distance between the lights were about 1/4 mile. They traveled at an apparent speed of less than 10 mph. A later check of the local winds at the time indicated they were mostly south at 5 to 10 mph. We did not notice any of the lights in view going out. We left the area before they had all drifted out of view.

I believe that these lights may have just been lighted balloons or similar objects released from some event. A check of local news reports on the 23 Nov did not list any other sighting reports.

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