UFO Sighting in Mars Hill, North Carolina on November 16th 2014 – Saw object consisting of flashing lights, larger than star, stationary above mountain range

I had gotten up for a drink of water in the middle of the night…when I glanced at the clock it was 3:00 AM. After I got the water I looked out my living room window (which I often do to look at the stars) and saw an object hovering above the mountain range the window looks out upon. What caught my eye was the size of the object…much larger than a star, and alternating colors through red to orange to yellow to white then back to red. I enjoy looking at the stars and am somewhat familiar with the night sky (even took an astronomy class in college)… so I knew this could not be a planet and was too large to be a star. There was not sure if there were radio/cell towers on the mountain, but this was too high and too large as well. I considered it being a plane or satellite, but it did not show movement.

Out of curiosity I went to my computer and searched the internet for anything that might explain the light, and found nothing. I got a snack and 30 minutes later (at 3:30 AM) I checked out the window again, and the light/object was still in the same position. If it had been a star or planet, the rotation of the earth would have changed it’s position. If it was a plane or satellite or object in orbit, it would also have changed it’s position. It had not….it was still in the same position above the mountain range….still flashing/changing colors as before. In addition, the colors were very vivid and bright, and the color change was total…it wasn’t fading in and out, or gradually changing color, it was one solid color, then another, then another….seemingly in a pattern. At that point I went back to bed since I had to be up for work in a few hours and the object didn’t seem to be changing any, just stationary and changing colors. I considered that it could have been a helicopter, but it would had to have been extremely large to appear the size I saw from the distance I saw it. In addition, I grew up next to an air force base and this did not resemble anything I had seen before. I even stuck my head out the door and listened to see if I could hear any noise the object was making, but did not hear anything.

The next morning when I awoke, I immediately when back to the living room window and did not see anything above the mountain range which could have explained the object/light. No cell/radio towers, nothing. In addition, it was a cold, crystal clear night as was the morning after. I did another internet search that day and in the following days after and did not find any reports of any kind that resembled what I saw or could explain what I saw.

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