UFO Sighting in Springtown, Texas on November 23rd 2014 – Went to get something from car saw it hovering right over house just as. I took picture faded away- many sightings helicopter & meteor followed within 15min

I ran outside to get the phone charger I had left in the car. When I turned around to come back inside I saw the object hovering directly over the house. My first instinct was to take a photo- we have strange sightings in this area all the time; my next step would have been to shoot video, but just as I snapped the photo, the orange spheres began to fade away. I knew what I was seeing was not normal, since I have lived under the direct flight path of an international airport most of my life; my time in the military, observations of nearby base activity & my work in the aerospace industry, all have me pretty well versed in commercial, private, & military aircraft, making the unusual/unidentified easy to spot. I ran inside to show my wife what I had seen, and no sooner had I handed her my phone, did we hear the military-grade chopper circling around outside. My wife sent the photos to her phone and used an app to sharpen & contrast the images which were taken without a flash. I then accompanied her outside so she could smoke a cigarette, when she saw a bright meteor streak across the sky.

I have included both original & enhanced photos. My experience correlates closer to the enhanced version, as the object(s) were very bright.

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