My Ufo experiences a must read for true enthusiasts!

Me and my girlfriend have had some very unique sightings this year and they aren’t just storys, I have proof of all of them on video except two of the sightings. You wouldn’t believe me if I just told you all of the things me and her have witnessed and caught on video, most of them were right at my residence. I will give a link to one of the videos I have and there are a couple more on the channel. I uploaded them just to see what they would look like, of course they don’t look the best quality, they need cleaned up and some need edited for better quality and zoomed in and paused at certain times in the video to really see whats happening. I don’t have a computer and I will have one soon and do this to them, me and her are rookies at best when we were filming the objects but they are there. I don’t know why we have had so many sightings. I have never believed in any of this stuff until I saw something go from one cloud to the next in my back yard. I told my girlfriend about it and she laughed and would make jokes about it but I know what I saw and it was not normal at all so a month or so goes bye and we headed off to Florida for a little vacation we had planned and she was joking around about what I saw again pointing at a light in the sky and it was moving she said maybe that’s something and laughing well what happened next was astonishing and chilling at the same time the object came down from the sky turned out its lights and flew over our vehicle, it had no wings and no sound and it was huge, my girlfriend said it was shaped like an octogon. I couldn’t tell it was night time and it happened so quick we could see up into the bottom of the craft and see the lights that just went out and as it passed over the vehicle, it shot back up into the sky turning it’s lights on and boy did she and I get a surprise it was crazy she said I got to get out of here. Mind you we were going 70 on the express way already lol and sometime after this sighting her and her son had another one, watch it with no lights on around you and watch closely really watch it a couple times to really see what is happening, pay attention or you will miss something.They are at the very beginning till the end at 27 mark, pause it and look down to the right of the screen I posted some screen shots of the video on my profile and the ones on there are nothing compared to what I have, it is chilling what I have. I’m going to put some stills of one of the other videos on here also the shots from that one are very interesting I haven’t reported any of these simply because I don’t know if I’m supposed to have what I have lol and i have herd stories. So if your interested here is the link to the video, if I put the link in wrong sorry let me know. Thanks and I’m sure you will enjoy. Undeniable ufo video ohio june 2014: Undeniable ufo video ohio june 2014 – YouTube

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