UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on November 25th 2014 – Alternating pulsating lights hovering over I-35E northbound by George Bush Turnpike, sighted driving, well below flying elevation.

Driving northbound on I-35E between Dallas and Denton, TX. Observed a plane ascending several miles away whose path crossed pulsating lights much closer and nearer to the ground. There were three alternating lights: one larger center light dimming while two side lights brightened.

The lights stayed in the same location as I drove by it. It was on the other side of the interstate about 1500 ft up. Thought it may be a helicopter but there was no flashing tail light, no flashing lights at all. Just the three lights that seemed to be on a stationary hovering object.

I felt it may have been a UFO if not a helicopter. I sought photos and footage of hovering helicopters to confirm the light arrangement and alternating pattern was not that of a helicopter.

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