UFO Sighting in Port Orange, Florida on October 17th 2014 – Patial cone shaped w/ transarent glowing red&yellow illuminatiom

I was heading South from Jacksonville,FL on I-95 in mid oct apprx 8pm when I noticed a stationary large glowing partial cone shaped object to my east(similar to an ice cream cone as if it were cut off about a third from the top) with red translucent static lights half-way down from the top and yellow at the bottom half.I thought it was perhaps ornamental lighting on a large building or water tower but there weren’t any other lights above or below it (no strobe or waring lights) nor were there any other lights notiticiable buildings or tall structures nearby. Nor did it appear to have substructure…Just glowing lights. I did not see it just the night before when traveling north.I estimate it to be 1/4-1/3 mile away, 200-300 ft high in the air and 70’w x 50’h overall. I’m only now just reporting it because I cant get it out of my mind as to what it might have been?

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