UFO Sighting in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 14th 2014 – every night several objects visible randomly throughout midnight on

arriving home from work usually 1-3am and there is always several visible from my house. they always move back and forth and make circles, i have tons of photos and videos of them. one was very close it looked like a street light at first but it was too high and when it moved i got the phone out and started taking pics. they are visible almost every night!
i am always looking up because i believe in aliens however i take my pictures via long exposure and stable sitting free of any movement. I try to make sure i have something in the background as reference to show the cameras stationary, while the object is being observed on light trail mode so everywhere it moves it leaves a line on the screen, some also have airplanes that pass in the background! and i must say some nights they are very active and move quite alot. im not the only one who sees them and has pics of them alot of people do. i would love to have you guys come out so i can show them to you and maybe we can figure out what they are.

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