Black Triangle Sighting in Escondido, California on November 26th 2014 – Observed a trianglur shaped object with 3 dim lights traveling across night sky through night vision goggles. Unable to see with the naked eye.

We were outside around 8pm on Nov 26th 2014 viewing the stars through a pair of Generation 5 military night vision goggles mounted to a helmet a friend who is a helicopter pilots uses. While viewing the stars this triangular object came into view. The object was not visible to the naked eye as I had 4 other people with me taking turns with the goggles. I asked if they could see what I see as I thought maybe if it was an aircraft of some sort it’s lights would be visible on such a clear night. No one could see anything but me because of the goggles. The object had a dull round light towards each point of the triangle but contained within the object not attached to the edge. These round dull lights were fairly large probable taking up 25% to 30% of each point. This was definitely a solid object. It moved about the same speed as an airplane but hard to determine the altitude which makes it hard to determine it’s actual size. It moved in a straight line across the sky directly above me, passed and disappeared into the horizon after a slight move to the right. This object did not seem to have any sort of jet engine in the back, no additional lights except the 3 I spoke of earlier. There was also no sign of any propeller either. No noise, just silence.

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