UFO Sighting in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on November 27th 2014 – Two groups of five orange lights slowly moving across Route 309

During Thanksgiving night, after me and my mother enjoyed a brief dinner at T.G.I.Friday’s, we decided to leave early to catch a train south along Route 309. At 7:10pm, while riding in the passenger seat, I looked towards the Eastern night sky and noticed a group of dim, deep orange lights.

At first I mistook them for radio tower lights, but when our car came to rest at a stop light, I realized they were moving South at a slow speed. Looking ahead of us were another group of orange lights more sparsely spaced, and they appeared to be at the same altitude as the Eastern group but instead moving to the East. I was first perplexed, near to a point of panic, then became excited after entertaining the possibility the lights were UFO’s.

One of the Western group lights had one to two smaller, very dim white lights flying around it. It was the middle-most light I believe.

They were in the sky for a good two-three minutes after first noticing the Eastern group. Simple awe-struck prevented me from taking my low-quality camera phone out, but when I tried and looked back up, only two of the five lights remained. Either the rest vanished or turned off their lights, and maybe fifteen seconds later the rest were gone. Looking back North a minute later I saw one of the Western group lights again with a small airplane further up in altitude, but closer to us who were further south.

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