UFO Sighting in Michigan on July 9th 2009 – oval shape with alot of flashing colors

I just came home from a friends in the summer of 2009 in july i go up to my room on the secound story of my house i hear my name clear as day i dont see nothing i go in the front of my room to a window and seen there was a group of ppl in my lawn nest thang i know there was someone hanging from my window i freak out go grab a knife and come back to find nothing i go look out my window dont see anyone out there and of the refecltion of my window i see someone in my bed witha gun i look back no one there look back in the window could see him i freak out and say show urself and he did i freak out get down stairs and go to my back porch and there was the group of ppl there was aliens there types some that looked like s us and other ones i ask theme what they want and they pointed up and not even 20 feet in the air was a ufo and for some reason i couldnt go with theme and after this happend i started having seziours a week later and went into the hospital and my cbky count was 13000 off the charts

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