UFO Sighting in Pipe Creek, Texas on November 26th 2014 – 4 white lights appeared in my back yard.

I was in my back yard smoking one last cigarette for the night in my back porch door way. Looking into the sky towards the NE and scrolling toward the SE then back when 4 white lights were seen in my E corner of my back yard hovering about 10-15 feet above the ground and on my side of the trees. The lights were in a straight line and all spaced evenly apart. They did not illuminate anything in the yard. All appeared at the same time and disappeared at the same time lasting about 2-3 seconds. There was no noise, no solid object and no wind shift. I looked up to the sky, then scanned to the SE and saw a row of 4 lights evenly spaced in a straight line about an inch long at arms length. They disappeared quickly with out movement as well.

Off in the distance to the E is a flashing cell tower that is about the height of the lights in my yard and due to the trees on my fence line it is not always flashing in my eye. I have played with it many times, trying to get it to show me the same 4 lights. The stutters stay in the same vicinity and either bounce around it or in a line down and it all flashes in a quick sequence not at all like what I witnessed. I can’t make sense of it no matter what I do and I can’t recreate it.

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