UFO Sighting in Virginia on November 25th 2014 – Possible Abduction

I was home watching tv in my bed when I saw a light, and then noticed I was in a house I had moved out of 8 years ago. I was looking at the time on my phone when the lights went out. I sat on the couch and saw a reflection of a figure who was at least 6 ft tall. There were 2 if them in what looked like military uniforms. They had broad shoulders, thin neck, large head, long arms, and 4 fingers on each hand. They spoke to me, and I understood them. They wanted to take tissue samples. One from my leg, one from my abdomen, and one from my,right breast. I fought and screamed (I have a fear of needles) and was told it was ok. They would just leave with the other 2 samples. I was then released and returned to my current home. They next morning I started bleeding (my menstrual cycle had started earl for no reason) and thought it was very odd. To this day I can still see them in my mind.

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