Black Triangle Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on November 28th 2014 – 7 spots of light and a circle. object also reflected light.

We were setting up the light show for Toronto’s “Cavalcade of Lights” at Nathan Phillips Square when we noticed that one of our spots (we had several doing a figure of 8 tracking motion upward) was hitting an object in the sky and reflecting light off of it.

After observing it for a moment we noticed a ring of light and then a spot. Over the course of the next half hour the object moved north about 200′ and appeared to rise and descend occasionally.

Toward the end of the sighting the object became very bright, 7 lights were now visible in a pattern with the circle in front and at this point we found we could reflect our lights off of it at an angle creating a lateral beam in an adjacent cloud. shortly after it disappeared.

We did not stop our spots to focus on the object because of the risk that could impose if the object was indeed a commercial aircraft.

The Video I have was taken right at the beginning of the sighting when only a reflection could be seen, the photos that fallow create a timeline.

I’ve also included photos edited to define the object and separate it from my spot lights.

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