UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on November 30th 2014 – i saw a ufo over my neighborhood at 10:30 pm in antioch califorina

i saw a amber reddish orange ufo right over the middle of the block i live on i went outside to have a smoke i went out front at 10:30 pm and walked to the east of my house onto my drive strips i turned and looked north and saw a super bright amber reddish orange object it was over the court behind my house its the middle of the block i live on it was hovering then i saw it drop like it was going to land so i ran in woke my mother and brother up so they can see im on heavy pain meds for my severe fibromyalgia so i wanted to have witnesses and it was at tree top level and hovered for a good 10 minutes it was wobbling and it was egg shape with reflective surface it was reflecting its own amber light on the bottom of it then after staying in one spot it was bobbing up and down and side to side it took off went behind my cypris trees in the back yard so i went in the loft where my mother was and saw it drop molten metal twice it was over houses when it dropped it and then it got real dim then flared up so bright then took off so fast i ran to the back yard and didnt see it anymore it was gone i want to talk to someone please email me before i dont pick up my phone if i dont know who it is but my mom is worried about me talking to anyone or write the reports she thinks that the government will take my ssi disability away if they dont want me reporting this about ufo’s i want to be apart of this operation on finding out about ufo sightings i have nothing to do all day because im in super bad pain 24/7 like now im fighting hard to sit here and type this and i feel the last guy didnt believe me about the ufos i seen he made it like its because of my meds trust me its not the meds i believe in the aliens and ghosts i see hear feel get touched by ghosts i seen them since i was a kid please email me before calling so ill know or email me your number and ill call you thank you

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