UFO Sighting in Bournemouth, on December 2nd 2014 – oblong shape,2 bright white lights on each end , travelling horizontally,dark grey colour, travelling in car, when 2 bright lights caught my eye,looked up and saw object moving slowly across the sky, have seen it before about 4 years ago over where i live

was driving back from dropping my son off at work,coming through park on my way back home at around 7.05am, it was still quite dark,i saw 2 bright white lights which caught my eye, i looked up and saw a oblong shape moving across horizontally,as much as i could see it had a dark grey appearence,there was no sound, and it looked as if it was low down in the sky,i had to carry on driving as there was traffic behind me, i turned around when i got a chance and went back, but it had gone, i did see the same object and lights about 4 years ago in the town where i live,only that time it hovered above a shop roof and tilted to the right, i was so mesmerised that i didnt feel scared, i felt quite calm actually,i turned away and when i looked back again it was high up in the sky, i got home in a minuite as i only lived down the road, when i got in there was a power cut in my area,dont know if it had anything to do with what i saw,i would have thought that other people must have seen these objects, at the same time.

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