UFO Sighting in Mumbai, Maharashtra on November 30th 2014 – Orange fireball with a bright square at the centre !

It was around 8 PM, me and a friend were near a railing watching some fireworks while we noticed something flying across the sky. At first we though it was the flames coming out of the fireworks and but then it looked to be an orange glowing star and was quite closer than how a real star would appear. Soon more of them appeared one after the other and flew across the sky. There were around 4-5 spotted. Some were glowing and fading randomly while other flew across. There were also planes seen in the sky but these sightings looked very different from them. I took some pictures and a video. In a picture it appeared to be a small orb/dot and when zoomed it clearly looked like an orange fireball ball with an extreme bright yellowish square at the centre. They travelled at a steady speed if looked from the ground, similar to other fireball sightings I’ve heard about, but their actual speed was hard to predict. We were shocked because we had never seen anything like this before and immediately thought of reporting this. The objects were not seen anymore more when they flew behind a building.

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